vipTenchou is 96neko's bandmate. o3o
VipTenchou S2G


vipTenchou is a trap singer. With this in mind, he is obviously male, yet his singing voice is very high pitched. 

His hair is either electric blue or fire truck red, and his eyes will match his hair color.

vipTecnhou usually wears stylish clothing.


Honsestly, he is a covert pervert. He is really girly at times, but is still a guy who enjoys goofing off and playing games.

He likes to use his cuteness as an advantage to get what he wants. Also, he has an obsession with panties, and often tries to get 96neko to wear them. If that doesn't work, he switches to bloomers.


  • Although his voice is usually high, he can make is startlingly deep if he wants.
  • He never would reveal if he actually wears panties or just likes them...
  • Despite his girlish voice, he refers to himself with the very mascuine Japanese term "ore."
    96猫(KuroNeko) Matryoshka vip 店長(Tenchou) with English translation03:41

    96猫(KuroNeko) Matryoshka vip 店長(Tenchou) with English translation

    Cantarella (VIPTenchou vip店長)03:22

    Cantarella (VIPTenchou vip店長)

    deep voice

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