I know I spelled appreciate wrong

but i need to know

anyone having sleep problems

ive  been sleeping ALOT lately

Getting very VERY tired so fast 

Sometimes i can't even get up cos i dont feel like it

Thing is just the other day i slept for 15 hours at least, woke up for at most 2 hours and fell asleep for another 5-7 hours.

Its like the demon of slumber is pinning me down

or the sprit of sleep

the sandman

idk what its called

its one of those names

this is well, different, i mean, different different. I'm not being lazy like normal ( which i admit ). I've never slept more than 15 hours in one day, straight. Not even able to get up, liek drawn back. Never had such amazing dreams either. =-=

no? just me? no body else? just me?


okei~ ;_; 

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