Chapter 9Edit

" Oh Seke-chan~", Nagisa rubbed her face. " Don't be mad, dear." " Get away from me." "Ahahaa... funny. I
Dont you love me

" Shhhhh.."

know! I'll bake you some food! Then i'll shove it down your throat! How does that sound?! In fact it's already made!" Nagisa kissed Seke. " Nghh." " Aw don't make that face." He held a rag to her face, " Shhhhh..." , he held a rag to her face. Seke fainted.

Dinner Time!~Edit

" This here is what you call food! I made all of it so eat up!" " It looks disgusting." Nagisa pointed the knife at her throat,"  What was that Seke dear?" " I s-said.." , Seke was dressed in a black dress and boots. " What
the.. did you undress me?!" " Ahehe. Call it second base." , Nagisa smirked. " You look pretty Seke." 

" .... S-SD?"

" Don't worry, SD won't get in the way of the fun! The torture has just begun! Ahahahahahaha!"


Ooohhh. Sd isnt dead wooow.