Chapter 3Edit

~ A Couple Weeks Ago ~

 " Seke!" " Huh? Oh hey SD!" " Um... would you like to go somewhere with me? >.>" " ... Oh well... when?" " Today! ^-^"  " I kinda..."  


So she's cheating on me huh... that bi-'

 " ..... planned to watch anime with Cara later on." " O-Oh... well... we can wait.. i would wait forever for you."    
Youll know
 " Aww that's so sweet SD. I would too. " " R-Really?" " Of course!" " That's really sweet.... " " Well, I care. Where are we going?" " Oh.. you'll know soon enough..." 

~ That Night ~

  * ring ring *  " Seke your phone is ringing!" " Bleh =.= * picks up phone * Hello this is Seke-chan speak and be heard." 

" Seke-chan."

" Oh gosh! SD! I totally forgot about tonight! I'm really sorry! Boy i do feel sad for whoever my boyfriend will be."


It would be me... it's another person... it has to be... Cara-chan i'll just kill her. No. I'll kill everyone.'

" Can I make it up to you? Your like my one of best friends next to Cara-chan and Finn!"  " No.... that's fine." " But.." " I said it's fine! ... Just... watch anime okay? ^-^ " " Uhm... okay. Bye SD." " Remember i'll be watching over you.." " That's sweet. Bye." * hangs up * 

~ Present Day: Night Time ~

SD snuck through the window. He stood on the wall. He looked at his phone. " Remember that conversation?
I saw you talking to Nagisa today. So you were cheating huh? That's fine. I forgive you. I love you. Ahahaha! Remember i'll be watching you. Every day. Until you die." 


Wow SD is a creep in this chapter e.e

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