Chapter 2Edit

  • Cara peeking...
  • What Cara saw. :I
  " Oh my god. " Just sparkles, sparkles everywhere, and boys everywhere. " Behold!" , Seke said. Cara blinked. 


Seke blinked. " Ohhhh =.= I see now." " Gosh Seke your killing me here." " But just look at them... *Q*"  Seke double gawked and Cara ate ramen. " Yous are a perv." " And what are you? The queen of unperviness?"  Cara's eye twitched, " I never said that-" " Quiet!" , Seke put her hand over Cara's mouth, " They're about to swim..." " ( muffled ) But what does my talking have to do with their swimming?!" Suddenly Nagisa noticed Seke. " ( muffled ) Hey Seke-chan i think that dude is checking you out-" " * pushes her down onto

" Hey! "

floor * Shhhhhhhhushhh. "  " ( muffled ) =.= WTF SEKE?!" The boy walked up to her. " Hey! I'm Nagisa!" "Uh uh uh uh uh uh adjkfgddggniodeionwg hhehe um.... this is my friend Cara!" Nagisa looked down, " Hey." " Sup dude. " ........ " Ok bye we must go now bye bye bye." Seke dragged Cara away. 


I don't have to shoot anyone now... hmm.. good." 

" Wait! I never gave you my number! Here! " , Nagisa ran up to Seke and gave her his number. " Just call this."  Cara said slyly, " Oohh Seke's got a dat-"  * Seke covers her mouth * " O///////O UM OKAY BYE BYE BYE.", and ran off.


" What?! How dare he ....... *  unlocks gun *  "  
I am gonna

I am going to shoot him... i swear if i do...I will KILL HIM.