Welcome to the Senpai Club Wiki!Edit

Kon'nichiwa! Welcome to the Senpai Club Wiki!  Me and Seke had the idea to turn a small senpai club into a big wiki! If you happen to come by this wiki you'll meet a few people like Finn-senpai, or maybe SD! You can meet Rose and Beems and you might even get a chance to meet us. Which is most likely.

A photo of THE PIMP, SD, and Finn-senpai

Dedicated To:Edit

This wikia is dedicated to our senpais.

  • ASBNF a.k.a Finn-senpai.
  • Beemo a.k.a Beems
  • AHBNF a.k.a Hero Boy
  • Sabah
  • Gazer
  • VKO
  • Flambro
  • RoseSweets a.k.a Rosie
  • etc
  • Yadda yadda blah blah bleh
    Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 4.53.35 PM

    Left to right, Finn, Cara, Sek, SD.