Over a few weeks, the kittens had grown bigger, and could probably qualify as cats now.


Seke loved rubbing their bellies and watching them play around. They really seemed to like licking her.

She got used to finding them in weird parts of her apartment. One time, Yuki was in her sock drawer! Also, one or two would find their way under her blankets.

"Alright, off the bed!" Seke picked up Akihiko. 

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"Gosh you guys are energetic." She watched Fang chase Akihiko.

"Okay, you boys better behave and not throw a party while I'm gone!" She giggled as she headed out for town.

As she walked, she ran into Cara, who was sneezing again. "Gah, something is bugging my allergies...."

"Oh um....maybe there's a cat in the neighborhood?" Seke ventured. 

Cara mumbled to herself and brushed what looked like blonde hairs off of her sleeve. 


The market was stupid. Seke had to spend alot on the few things she needed. Plus it didn't help that Cara kept ramblig on about ramen and Jpop. An old man would not give Seke a bargain on fish. 

By the end of the day, Seke honestly felt like crap.

She stumbled home like a drunk. The only thing she was looking forward to was seeing her cats.

Stepping through her door, she kicked her shoes off and stretched. "Honey I'm home" She said half-heartedly. Listening, she noticed there were no meows of greeting, or the pitter patter of paws.

"Hmmm" She looked under the couch and around the kitchen. She checked all of their favourite hiding places and found nothing. 

Seke became worried. "Oh wait! I bet they're just in my room, on my bed LIKE I TOLD THEM NOT TO!" Seke was tired of getting fur all over her covers.

The girl stomped up to her bedroom door but stopped dead in her tracks.

The sound of purring eminated from her room. Loud purring. Louder than any cat should be able to make.

She flung the door open and froze, gawking at the sight in front of her.

There, on her bed were four neko boys.