The End!!!Edit

So, as all great endings go, this is probably one of them. 


Cara and Subaru got married and Seke was in charge of everything like she wanted.

After the wedding, Subaru bit Cara and tried to suck her blood. 

Of course, like the tsundere she is, Cara kicked his butt and didn't talk to him for a half hour. Even though she actually really enjoyed getting bitten. XD


And, there was no helping Seke from being who she really was. Seke ended up getting bitten by Kanato and Laito at the same time, which of course she loved. Naturally, she had all the other brothers wrapped around her finger, and she had no problem with staying at the mansion and letting them feed on her. (ps she probably had a sixsome or something)  ;)

Also, more happy news! Cara and Subaru are going to have a kid. Cara is really stubborn and wants to name it "Ramen" while Subaru wants to name it after some Vampire Knight character. "^^

Anyways, they all lived pretty decently, running out and scaring villagers for fun, throwing dinner parties, or just playing the pocky game.


The end for real! :D

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