Dinner Party?Edit

"WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPP" Seke screamed in Cara's ear. "What the-? It's midnight!!!" Cara groaned. "Just come on!" Seke dragged Cara out of her room. "Reiji has a surprise for us!~" Seke squeaked. "I can already imagine..." Seke's face turned pink and she had a creepy grin.

"Um...okay..." Cara was weirded out. Seke kept dragging Cara along against her will until something smelled really good. "I wonder what that is?" Cara broke free of Seke's grasp.

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In front of some big doors stood Reiji. "I have prepared something for you, as it seems you have not been treated properly, my lady." Seke jumped up and down. Reiji did a Mona Lisa smile and said "Of course you are welcome too, Seke-san." 


He walked in and the girls followed, to see a dinner set up. Seke got all excited and ran to the food. Cara shrugged. "Well, I guess this beats eating the crap in my backpack..." 

All the brothers and Seke were already digging in; Kanato was having WAY to much fun stabbing his food, and Seke was eating pocky.


"Oh well." Cara stuffed her face with ramen.

After some eating, Reiji stood up. "Now this is not just a formal occasion. We are here to discuss your fate, Miss Cara. Your fate as a bride."

"UGH" Cara grunted. "I'm gonna just stab you all or call a vampire hunter or whatever! I don't wanna be a sacrifice or a bride or anything!" 

Seke chimed in "I could be a bride!!!" Cue her daydreaming about having them all as husbands...

Reiji continued. "I know this upsets you, but you can choose who you are a bride to."

Cara was silent, as was everyone else.

"Like Hades I'd ever do that." She stormed out of the parlour and didn't look back.