"WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Cara finally found her voice. "Be still." The vampire who had bitten her said. "NO!" She shoved him to the ground and tried to kick him. His hand was now bloody, but he was unfazed.


He seemed to eerily enjoy this girl's moxie.

"Okay, who the heck are you guys?" Cara yelled. One of them had black hair and glasses. He spoke "We are the Sakamaki bothers, I am Reiji This is our mansion, and you are our guest. We should treat you like one."  He glared at the others.

A shorter brother with purple hair laughed. "Ahahaha! That's not true! She is a sacrifice to us from those frightened villagers!" He looked at his stuffed bear with a creepy grin.

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"Oh heck to the no!" Cara stamped her foot. "I am no one's sacrifice, and I did not come all the way up here to live with a bunch of creeps!" She bit her lip angrily.

Then, a brother with silvery hair spoke up. "It would be best if we all tried living together normally for now."

The other brothers shrugged and started walking off in different directions, some glaring at Cara or eachother. It was just Cara and the silver haired boy. He stayed put but whispered to her. 

"I will try and help you. If you stay here too long you will die..."