The truth comes forth...Edit

"We need to talk."

Subaru pulled Cara into the hallway.

He took a deep breath. "I know you are confused and probably really upset, but you need to listen, you deserve to know..."

Cara's throat tightened.

"Your parents...they signed a contract with our family....Just like countless girls' parents give you up as a sacrifice. The people fear us. They know vampires will take victims if they aren't given some first. So you were our bride. You were to choose a brother and you would be his source of appease the vampires so we would not attack other mortals."

Cara felt mixed emotions of shock, fear, anger, and others she couldn't describe.

"So...even if you hate should choose me. Now. My brothers might try to suck your blood. Ayato bit you, but he didn't get your blood. If he had, you would have been his. Your time for choosing is running out. Now is your chance. Choose me, and I could try to set you free from fate."

"I...what...the..." Cara was spouting incoherent gibberish.


"Don't talk to my property."

Ayato bared his fangs.

"She is no one's property." Subaru stole Cara's thunder.

"We'll see about that soon enough." The redhead smirked.

"sTOP" Seke's voice echoed out. "ALL OF YOU WILL BE MINE, MINE ALONE."