Kurai SwordEdit

The Kurai Sword is a magical sword. A bunch of people have tried using it correctly, but only Cara can. This is Cara's weapon of choice. The sword has many abilities, and an unknown ability nobody, not even Cara
has seen, yet. 

The Sword Can:

  1. Paralyze- the sword can paralyze the victim for a set amount of time, depending on how much force was put into the attack.
  2. While the person is getting stabbed the sword can make them remember their most recent happy moment and experience it all over again.
  3. The sword can kill you.
  4. The sword can evolve ( hasn't yet for some reason )
  5. Glow ( tbh that is kinda cool and bad ass )

Cara is very protective of her sword, and rarely lets anyone touch it without her permission, even her closest friends. Once you get stabbed by the sword it leaves a star tattoo on your neck. They come in different colors depending on the mood Cara is in when she stabs you.  Your tattoo can add more stars each time you get stabbed. You can get more than one star in one stab.

Pink: Love

Blue: Sadness

Red: Anger

Green: Confusion

Black : Consumed with evil

Yellow : Happy

Purple: Embarrassed

Gold ( a very special color ) :  Gold works inverse from the other colors, and depends on the character of the person getting stabbed. A gold star is very rare and often appears only when the person getting stabbed can withstand multiple attacks due to a trait rather than emotion. And that trait- is bravery.